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About Us

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The Vankleek Hill & District Lions Club Inc. was founded on June 29th, 1973 with sponsorship of the St. Eugene Lions Club. After months of hard work the Club leased land from the town of Vankleek Hill and by October 1974 constructed the initial medical centre. An LIP grant of $30,000 was received from the Federal government which was 25% of the total cost. The remainder was financed with a 10 year mortgage. In 1984 an additional $30,000 was invested in the centre to enclose the entrance and finish the basement for Lion’s uses and rental. In 1993 a wheelchair ramp was installed and renovations to the front of the building were completed. In 1999 $12,000 was invested to renovate the main floor to accommodate a dentist. A Friendship Arch was added and Vankleek Hill had its medical centre.

Over the years membership in both the Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill clubs slipped and it was agreed that the 2 clubs should amalgamate.

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